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Culinary journey with Fresh Logistics


Who is Kiszman? Why do you “row” herrings? Where do holes in cheese come from? And why is transport necessary? These and other questions are answered by the #FreshExpress campaign in which Fresh Logistics set out on a journey following its business partners. Aim: to show how Polish superfoods are produced and how they reach tables at our homes. The logistics operator invited Marcin Kuc, a chef and culinary influencer known as Jaja w Kuchni, to join the project.

This year's edition is the fourth in the series of the #FreshExpress campaign, which is based on the so-called influencer marketing, i.e. using the image of famous people to promote a brand. This time Marcin Kuc travels through Poland and visits production facilities of Fresh Logistics' customers, where Polish delicacies such as cheese, herring or pickled products are made. Each visit was divided into two phases. In the first part, the influencer toured the factory to see for himself how Polish superfoods are made. Then he took the finished product to the natural environment to prepare an original dish according to his own recipe. Marcin Kuc also points out the key role of fresh logistics, without which healthy delicacies would not go from farm to fork.

“The #FreshExpress campaign invariably aims to promote responsible consumption and spread awareness about healthy eating, as well as to make consumers aware of the important role logistics plays. In this year's campaign we focused on what is fresh, healthy and Polish, taking the audience behind the closed doors of a cheese, herring and pickle processing facilities. Naturally, it would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and support of our customers who decided to take part in the project” - comments Ewa Chwiłkowska, Brand Manager of Fresh Logistics, and she adds: “As a socially responsible company, we recognize the huge role that business plays in shaping consumer awareness. And joint actions and partnership relations between all participants in the supply chain will undoubtedly translate into a high level of customer satisfaction, i.e. the satisfaction of the final consumer".

The fourth edition of the #FreshExpress campaign was conducted in the first quarter of 2022. The total reach of the campaign generated from the social media and YouTube is over 500,000 million views. The project was carried out in cooperation with Ceko (Sery z Goliszewa), Mirko and Charsznickie Pola Natury, as well as the Good4You agency.

“Working with Fresh Logistics is doubly gratifying. First, we promote the logistics without which our refrigerators would be empty, while helping market healthy food producers. We show the manufacturing process from behind the scenes, talking to absolute professionals and enthusiasts. Second, we educate gastronomically. Thanks to the culinary skills of our influencer and gastro-celebrity Marcin Kuc, who runs the Jaja w Kuchni profile, we teach those interested how to prepare great dishes. We love working on projects like this and are already looking forward to more!” - comments Wojciech Kardyś, owner of the Good4You agency.

Fresh Logistics has been running the #Fresh Express campaign since 2018. The first and second editions featured the nutritionist and blogger - DrLifestyle. In the first edition of the campaign, DrLifestyle and a female driver travelled across Poland to show the journey of a yoghurt literally from the cow to the store shelf. The second edition is a series of educational films with expert advice called “Fresh means Healthy”. The company didn't stop during the pandemic and decided to have a special third edition of the campaign, where the company's employees played the role of influencers and showed how to be while working remotely.

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Videos from this year's #FreshExpress campaign are available on Raben Group channel on YouTube: (8) Fresh Logistics - YouTube and the Fresh Logistics fanpage: (2) Fresh Logistics Polska | Facebook. Enjoy the videos!

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