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Custom clearance

We keep an eye on your products


Raben Customs Agency is a comprehensive service .

  • comprehensive handling of customs declarations for all procedures,
  • preparing additional documents, e.g. Certificates of Origin,
  • comprehensive services for intra-Community trade - INTRASTAT,
  • possibility of securing customs duty and tax payments,
  • temporary storage facilities (Chlebnia, Gądki, Gliwice),
  • processes for handling customs shipments in 5 locations of customs clearance depots,
  • excise tax warehouse in Gądki and in Stryków,
  • automated customs clearance within the Common Transit Procedure,
  • modern IT solutions,
  • flexibility in adjusting to Customers' needs
  • application of the simplified procedure with the possibility of VAT settlement for import in the tax declaration

Customs shipments are stored for up to 90 days in 3 temporary storage facilities in Chlebnia, Gądki and Gliwice.

We have AEO-F certificate.


Tax warehouses - Excise duty

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we have opened tax warehouses in Gądki and Stryków which provide services in the area of oils and lubricants.

In addition, we support our customers in a wide range of matters related to excise-related services, such as:

  • Registration of entities for excise duty (PUESC)
  • Requesting comprehensive guarantees, flat-rate guarantees and guarantee waivers
  • Handling EMCS system operations: opening and closing EAD documents
  • Keeping registers and records provided for in the provisions of excise law
  • Handling of intra-Community acquisitions under suspension of excise duty procedure
  • Handling of intra-Community acquisitions under the excise duty paid procedure.
  • Filing reports to the Energy Regulatory Office

        We specialize in handling oils and lubricants.

obsługa celna

Temporary storage facility

A temporary storage facility is a special warehouse in which shipments with goods are stored under the so-called customs supervision, which enables the postponement of customs clearance and collection of relevant documents. If customs formalities cannot be completed quickly, goods may be stored in such a facility for up to 90 days.

When choosing a temporary storage facility at Raben customs agency, you receive:

  • possibility of deferring customs and tax duties for the duration of the storage of goods
  • transit of shipments to EU countries without the need to bring the goods into the Polish customs territory
  • consolidation of goods for export from the country

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