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Raben Logistics Polska carriers

The offer of Raben Logistics Polska is addressed above all to Carriers interested in long term cooperation in performing domestic road transport services.

The offer of cooperation has been developed based on many years of experience and it takes into account the needs and expectations of transport companies. Our objective is for the Carriers who cooperate with Raben solution Polska on regular basis to be able to develop their businesses as well.

Our offer for you!

  • cooperation agreement which reflects the partner approach the company has towards its Carriers
  • company petrol stations (deferred payment for fuel)
  • fleet cards allowing for refuelling Diesel oil in external petrol stations (currently Lotos) with discounts and deferred payment
  • timely payment of settlements “a deal is a deal”
  • possibility to use accelerated payments
  • possibility to settle road toll using fleet cards (payment without engaging own resources)
  • special internet package allowing for: downloading/printing specifications and invoices (time saving and convenience), access to system reports (timeliness of deliveries, exchangeability of pallets), access to map software/distance database used in settlements
  • settlements
  • CCL insurance (Carrier's Civil Liability)
    on preferential conditions
  • legal advisory on the traffic law act
  • possibility of participation in regular purchase
    and leasing programmes (preferential conditions)
  • reimbursement of road toll paid while executing transports
    ordered by Raben Logistics Polska
    (size of reimbursement dependent on fleet age)
  • financial aid in case of fleet extension
    (applies only to carriers with long history of cooperation
    with Raben Logistics Polska)
  • Professional driver training system preparing
    for work in line with Raben Group standards

Carriers can use two settlement models:

  • Weight price list (income rate depends on the weight of delivered shipments). Refers in particular to delivery trucks (8 - 27 pallet places).
  • Kilometre price list (payment for each covered distance - “empty” kilometres included in the settlement).
    The settlement applies to: combination vehicles (33 pallet places) (refrigerated/isotherm/tilt trucks), BDFs, tractors (we have our own trailers).