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Expertise and many years of experience in various industries

Knowledge and many years of experience in servicing various industries

 An extensive branch network

An extensive network of branches in Poland and Europe

Modern infrastructure

Modern infrastructure

Flexibility and process automation

Warehouse automation

  • Innovative solutions


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By choosing us you get a full range of benefits. Among others:

  • Comprehensive service including unloading, deconsolidation at the reception, storage, completion of shipments for dispatch and distribution

  • Solution Design - team of engineers and specialists designing and implementing customer supply chains

  • Full range of co-packing services, from labelling, through sets, Advent calendars, to promotional stands and many more

  • Area and systems designed for the storage of hazardous materials - modern fire protection systems, sprinklers

  • Work based on clear quality management procedures and systems: ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27002, HACCP, IFS and BRC

Специалист по ИТ и сървъри

Warehousing srvices - Modern IT systems

  • Support for warehouse operations with the JDA/RedPrairie system, one of the most modern solutions created for warehouse administration and distribution of goods

  • IT facilities enable complete automation of information exchange, and thus the transparency of operations

  • Customers can focus on their own business, and everyone can count on the help of a professional and flexible team of Customer Service Department employees

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