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estimated time of arrival

On the basis of dialogues with customers and recipients of our shipments, we realized the importance of the honest and simple information about the time of delivery of the shipment, information which will allow you to keep track of its route and adjust the activities depending on the time of delivery.

We want to provide you and your company with reliable information so that you can have better control over your own operations.

Why is ETA so special?

  • Dynamic, real-time information
    about the time of delivery
    of your shipment
  • Transparency of the logistics
  • Possibility to plan work
    depending on the actual time
    of delivery
Raben ETA in transport

How does ETA work?

The ETA is calculated when the GPS position of the mobile device of the driver is registered. He executes the delivery according to a planned route by visiting delivery and pick-up locations. The mobile device communicates with the appropriate Raben Group IT systems, processes this information and then makes it available in mytrack&trace in the myRaben.com portal. Thus, customers receive ETA information which is a time slot of +/- 2h.

In the event of increased traffic, accidents, changes in the order of unloading locations, or other unforeseen circumstances, the system automatically updates ETA parameter for a deviation equal to or greater than 60 minutes from any previously calculated ETA time slot.

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