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BCM & Risk Management


Comprehensive process management

Periodic system reviews


Continuity of operations

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Tested procedures in case of crisis

  • Comprehensive process management

    Periodic system reviews

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Risk management and continued operation management 

Regardless of its field of business, each organisation is at risk of events that may lead to losses or even discontinued operation.

Similarly, any business may find itself in a crisis caused by various internal (employees, operating processes) or external factors (suppliers, customers, competitors, random events).

We are prepared for such situations, being firm believers in this motto: Hope for the best, expect the worst.


Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

We have implement a comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management system whose main objectives are:

  • protecting human life and health,
  • protecting the Group's property and operating capabilities,
  • protecting the interests of all stakeholders (e.g. our customers),
  • protecting our reputation.

As a part of the ERM system, we developed a methodology of identification and evaluation  of opportunities and risks, defined levels of the possible outcomes and probabilities of occurrence of specific events at the level of the Group and individual companies. We are constantly identifying, describing and assessing risks, and we are also introducing risk control mechanisms. We ensure the system works correctly by reviewing it regularly.


Business Continuity Management (BCM) 

All this is made whole by the Business Continuity Management system. BCM is a system designed to ensure that the organisation keeps functioning and providing efficient customer service even in case of any disturbances.

We created and implemented a group policy containing detailed plans and responsibilities for individual elements of the system. Emergency plans are tested regularly, at least once a year, allowing us to further improve the system. Additionally, to ensure efficient process maintenance, the entire documentation has become a part of the integrated management systems that are subject to regular reviews and audits. 

We go the extra mile to ensure that random events and external factors have no adverse effect on our services.