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Warehousing of fresh food

Fresh services for fresh products


55 500 m2 of modern warehouse space


Eco-friendly cooling systems


Innovative warehouse management systems


Highest standards for hygiene and quality


Comprehensive logistics services in controlled temperature

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    55 500 m2 of modern warehouse space

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Storage of fresh products - our offer for you

The storage of food products requiring controlled temperature is a real challenge that can only be undertaken by an expert with many years of experience. Modern warehouse infrastructure supported by innovative IT solutions is a guarantee of freshness and safety of food products requiring strictly defined cooling conditions.

  • A full range of comprehensive logistics services.

  • Storage in various temperature ranges, warehousing and stock management with various logistic data.

  • Cross docking.
  • Freezer (branch in Wrocław).
  • Possibility of reloading sea containers (branch in Wojanów).
  • Wide range of flexible value added services (VAS): co-packing, flavour mixing, labelling, adjustment of quantity in issued units, heat sealing, adaptation to local country requirements, preparing promotional sets, labelling, foiling, repacking.

  • Dedicated customer service caretakers.

  • Lean culture - everyday we ensure high quality at every stage of the process.

  • We deliver paperless logistics by utilising global GS1 standards.

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Fruits & vegetables



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Learn more about our solutions – Order 2 Cash

Order to cash - digitization of each stage of the logistics process from order to payment, using GS1 standards. Electronic data exchange, starting with electronic order placement, through notification, delivery confirmation, and ending with automatic payment.

Fresh Logistics Polska offers its customers the know-how and expert knowledge necessary to implement the O2C solution in the enterprises of our business partners, thus contributing to building logistics in the spirit of "paperless".

Ask us to show you how this solution may look like in your company!

Order to Cash
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