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Safety culture


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SHE safety culture

For Raben Group life and health are non-negotiable values. This is why we make sure that in our organisation safety is a daily practice, applied to every process and in every location.

  • We have implemented a behaviour management programme, because we are aware that accidents are caused by people’s dangerous actions.
  • The organisation's top officers participate in SHE activities, motivate employees, set standards and actively participate in developing the SHE programme.
  • As a part of the SHE programme, we continually raise awareness of risks and preventive measures among all individuals involved in Raben processes.

We share our knowledge of this field within our organisation and outside of it.

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Environmental safety

Ecology is of great importance for us. We do everything we can to have a positive impact on the environment. By saving natural resources, measuring, reporting and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we are working towards the future to leave the best version of the world for future generations.

  • We encourage everyone to behave ecologically,
  • We save resources using paperless solutions and e-invoices,
  • We offer certified tools for measuring environmental impact, e.g. CO2 calculator which allows for reliable measurement of greenhouse gas emissions and careful planning of the goals of reducing them, 
  • We invest in modern fleet and many others.