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Stryków warehouse

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80.000 m2 warehouse space

Flexibility and process automation

Robotization and automation

Trusted network of international partners

In the client portfolio - TOP international and domestic brands

Complex solutions in transport

Comprehensive logistics solutions

  • Warehouse

    80.000 m2 warehouse space

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We know how important it is to properly store your products. Do you expect the highest quality, flexible solutions, quick readiness to start and development of operations, and openness to seasonality?

Check us out. We will meet your expectations.

We have experience in serving demanding customers e.g. from food industry, for whom the quality of logistics service is as important as the quality of their products.

Comprehensive logistics services are facilitated by top-class
operating systems dedicated to warehouse management,
production of value-added services and transport, as well as
tools for integrating planning systems in the warehouse and transport.

The range of offered services allows our partners to optimize
the processes in the supply chain and thus the costs of logistics operations.
And for those who develop online sales, we have
also e-Commerce solutions.

Stryków - Our innovative solutions

Our innnovation

  • modern infrastructure
  • advnced processes automatization
  • value added services - specialized area with extensive machinery park
  • using of robots
  • advanced systems & operation analysis tools

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