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Gądki Warehouse

Raben's largest logistics center

at Your disposal

Experienced team of specialists

800+ employees


140.000 m2 warehouse space

Consolidation and deconsolidation of goods

4000 m2 for value-added services production

Trusted network of international partners

In the client portfolio - TOP international and domestic brands

Complex solutions in transport

Comprehensive logistics solutions

  • Experienced team of specialists

    800+ employees

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As a professional and reliable logistics partner, we know how important it is to properly store your products. Do you expect flexible solutions, quick readiness to start and develop operations, and openness to seasonality?

Come to us. We will meet your expectations.

We can do this thanks to many years of experience in servicing the largest companies in such sectors like FMCG, automotive, retail networks, chemical industry (hazardous goods) as well as thanks to modern storage spaces with various storage conditions.

Comprehensive logistics services are facilitated by top-class operating systems
dedicated to warehouse management, production of value-added services and transport,
as well as tools for the integration of planning systems in warehouse and transport.

The range of offered services allows our Partners to optimize processes
in the supply chain and thus the costs of logistics operations.
And for those who develop online sales we have also e-Commerce solutions.


Gądki warehouse - our innovations

Our innovations

  • modern infrastructure highest fire resistance, advanced fire protection systems
  • process automation - advanced automation in various processes
  • value-added services - specialized area with an extensive machine park
  • Contract Packaging - outsourcing of own products packaging. Contract Packaging provides countless packaging services, from simple to complex projects. Produces and packages products for sale and distribution:

    • co-manufacturing - packaging raw material into finished product
    • co-packing - comprehensive packaging of finished products, preparation of promotional sets, packages and stands as well as labeling
    • packing goods – portioning or packing products into sets for shipment or sale
  • narrow alleys and system carts - semi-automatic system carts with navigation
  • lithium-ion batteries - one of the latest technologies among currently available energy sources
  • advanced systems and tools for analyzing operations

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  • Foam extinguishing system

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