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Distinguished in the Ranking of Responsible Companies


On 21 June a list of companies which are most committed to the quality of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management was announced. Raben Group found itself in this responsible group, taking the second place in the industry ranking: "transport, logistics, services" and 13th position in the general classification.

The 15th edition of the Responsible Companies Ranking, like the last year's one, ended with an award ceremony conducted in a virtual space. This year, almost 80 companies took part in the ranking, and twice as many companies expressed interest in it. In the end, 70 companies qualified for the main list

"Transport is the lifeblood of the economy, which is why we are committed to making sure our supply chain is transparent, ethical and efficient - also from an environmental perspective. Sustainability is a journey. Of course, without signposts in the form of measurable targets there would be no point in moving forward, but it is important to be focused on the process of continuous improvement." - said Jakub Krzewina, Sustainability Manager at Raben Group - "Thank you for this award and we continue to work for responsible transport!"

Raben Group has been undertaking and promoting corporate social responsibility activities for many years. Social responsibility is naturally inscribed in the DNA of a family company based on the system of values. The company takes a comprehensive approach to the CSR concept, integrating socially responsible activities with the business strategy of the organization, focusing on road safety, education and ecology. Every year, it invests in more effective and pro-ecological solutions in transport and warehouses and plants thousands of trees which neutralise tonnes of CO2. Raben has also purchased energy for 2021 and 2022 with the guarantee of origin from renewable sources, which will enable the reduction of emissions by about 30% in terms of direct and indirect emissions and will allow us to power our own facilities with 100% green electricity.

For the sake of a better, green tomorrow, the company has been running the "e-invoice=higher culture" project since 2014, under which it encourages its customers to use electronic document circulation by planting trees on behalf of those service recipients who have decided to switch to the e-system. Last year, this amounted to over 2,100 trees in Poland and Ukraine. In total, to date, the company has already planted almost 16,000 trees = approximately 12,000 tonnes of CO2 they will neutralise over their entire life cycle.

What is more, out of concern for the natural environment Raben gradually eliminates paper from its processes through such projects as Order-2-Cash or paperless. The Group has also signed the first contracts for the supply of green energy in 2021. It is estimated that this will result in a reduction of C02 emissions by approx. 80% in scope 2 compared to last year, taking into account all facilities where the company operates.

Raben has been implementing a sustainable development strategy since 2010. It approaches the concept of CSR in a comprehensive manner, integrating socially responsible activities with three key directions determined directly in the business strategy. The road to responsibility is also indicated by signposts correlated with the UN sustainable development goals, which the company has decided to support with its activity.

Ranking of Responsible Companies, published for the first time in 2007, is the only list of companies operating in Poland evaluated in terms of quality of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management. The Responsible Business Forum is a substantive partner of the ROF 2021. The content partner responsible for reviewing the responses is Deloitte, and the media partner is Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.  The authors of the ranking are Professor Bolesław Rok from the Centre for Entrepreneurship Positive Impact Research at Kozminski University and Jarosław Horodecki, analyst.

In total, over 230 largest companies operating on the Polish market took part in the Responsible Companies Ranking. The ranking makes it possible to compare results in individual areas of CSR between companies, and is a valuable instrument facilitating the ordering and development of the corporate responsibility strategy.