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Toyota forklifts in Raben Logistics Polska in Ruda Śląska


Toyota Material Handling Polska has started deliveries of a fleet of new forklifts to Raben Logistics Polska in Ruda Śląska. Deliveries include a full range of forklifts supporting operations of the logistics center. Toyota solutions increase work efficiency, safety and reduce operating costs.

Raben Logistics Polska in Ruda Śląska currently uses electric forklifts with the LPE200 and SPE200D platforms. The picking work is supported by OSE250 trucks using lithium-ion batteries, which significantly increases the efficiency and comfort of work. A modern charging station for lithium-ion batteries allows for quick recharging of trucks during breaks at work, allows you to save electricity and improves the smoothness of operations.

- An undoubted advantage of the li-ion technology is the short time of replenishing energy and the possibility of recharging the batteries. As a result, the forklifts are almost always operational. They increase work efficiency, allow to obtain better handling capacity in the warehouse and contribute to the improvement of the working conditions of our warehouse operators who receive the most modern work tools, which is extremely important to us - comments Waldemar Kapler, Contract Logistics Manager, Raben Logistics Polska in Ruda Śląska.

RRE160H reach trucks are used to work with loads at heights, which allow for safe, smooth and efficient optimization of warehouse processes.

Work on loading ramps and within the warehouse is handled by Toyota Traigo 1.6 t electric counterbalance trucks.

In the photo below, Marcin Grad - Key Account Manager from Toyota and Waldemar Kapler Manager of Contract Logistics at Raben Logistics Polska