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This is how you dance in logistics!


This is how you dance in logistics!

Is it possible to convey the importance of safety during warehouse work in the form of competition? Raben Group proved this for the eighth time by selecting the best forklift operators in the "Dances with Pallets" competition.

On Saturday, February 3, 2024, in Gądki near Poznań, took place the grand finale of the eighth edition of the Dances with Pallets competition, organized in cooperation with Raben Group and Still Polska. During the final, 18 best forklift operators from all over Poland, selected in regional eliminations from among the company's employees, fought for the podium. The competitors once again tested their skills in two competitions: a high-level puzzle and a transit obstacle course.

Behind the success of every company are people - committed, competent and excellent at carrying out their tasks. This is what our warehouse workers are like. The Dances with Pallets competition is a way to appreciate their skills and at the same time promote the safety culture in our company - a good and safe workplace. – comments Wojciech Szafran, General Director of Raben Logistics Polska.

“Dances with pallets” is an event addressed to employees of Raben Logistics Polska, Fresh Logistics Polska and Raben Transport. The aim of the competition is to draw attention to the importance of following safety procedures. Additionally, the initiative aims to appreciate the commitment and professionalism of those responsible for the daily movement of goods in warehouses.

The regional qualifying rounds of the competition consisted of two stages. The first part, of a theoretical (workshop) nature, focused on the presentation of good practices and desired behaviors aimed at ensuring safe and hygienic work. The second part of the eliminations took place in a practical form; forklift operators had to overcome a prepared route with obstacles, trying to achieve the shortest possible time.

Dances with pallets is an event organized every year by the Raben Group. Thanks to it, we promote safe behavior during warehouse operations. Health and life are non-negotiable values in the Raben Group, which is why we make sure that safety is our daily practice in every process and every location. The issue related to the development of our employees is also extremely important, as they can present their fantastic competences when it comes to operating forklifts. – explains Dominika Olejniczak, HR Manager at Raben Group – That is why we are glad that over 100 participants took part in the regional qualifying rounds of the next edition of the competition, held in autumn 2023!

The competition took place in two categories: a High-Level Puzzle (for high-level warehouse employees) and a Transit Obstacle Track (for cross-dock employees). The finalists were accompanied by their loved ones in the final competition. The motivation to fight was not only financial gratification, but above all recognition in the eyes of family and children.

I am extremely impressed with the atmosphere during this event, which is part of a broader program - the Still Polska Security Academy. Once again, we are organizing this event together with the Raben Group because the topic of safety is as important to Raben as it is to us. During both the final competition and the elimination round, we observed various techniques for overcoming the obstacle course. Importantly, operators have always attached great importance to ensuring that journeys are performed with a high level of safety. Observing the competition, we come up with new ideas related to improving the comfort and safety of operators, which we will discuss with our partners from the Raben Group - adds Wiesław Matela, Key Account Manager, Still Polska.

Congratulations to all competition participants who demonstrated extensive safety knowledge and excellent forklift operating skills. We invite you to participate in the next editions of the competition!

The winners of the Grand Finale of DANCES WITH PALLETS were: