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Stand-by-trailer as the driving force of loading process optimization

Transporting products from point A to point B, unloading and reloading, which is often associated with waiting - the whole process can take a lot of time. In some cases, however, this operation can be accelerated thanks to the stand-by-trailer service, also known as the trailer-yard service, offered by Raben Transport. It consists in the use of trailers of the carrier on the customer's premises and it is recommended, among others, for the automotive industry.

A stand-by-trailer is nothing more than a yard trailer - owned by a logistics operator but located in the parking lot of his customer's warehouse. Loading it and preparing it for departure is the responsibility of the warehouse employees. The truck driver does not take part in this activity - he doesn’t wait for unloading or loading but only picks up the trailer loaded with goods from the gate or from a special “waiting” zone and leaves an empty one. There is also an optional procedure in which a yard driver (employed by the logistics company or its customer) takes the loaded trailers from the ramp to a dedicated zone.

The stand-by-trailer service is perfect for regular connections, e.g. for customer's locations (warehouse - warehouse), as well as for high-volume projects from the customer's warehouse or the operator's warehouse where the customer's goods are stored. It also proves useful in exceptional circumstances, such as non-standard loading hours, holidays and driving bans; staffing problems in warehouses or problems with suppliers; difficulties in finding drivers (e.g. during the holiday season); tight transit times; or, finally, fluctuations in production due to the seasonality of demand. The stand-by-trailer can be a good solution even in situations such as bad weather or strikes.

The trailer-yard service is recommended especially in the automotive sector, where it becomes a tool supporting flow of traffic, i.e. ensuring continuity of the factory's work. The use of a stand-by-trailers prevents untimely deliveries of components and raw materials to production lines or departure of finished products from the warehouse, which is caused not only by lack of goods, but also by congestion on the yard or too little space on the trailer.

Raben Transport widely uses stand-by-trailers in e-commerce and in cooperation with the automotive industry. A Raben driver can come with a full trailer, leave it for unloading and drive away with another one, preloaded - all without downtime. In addition, in order to optimize the service, the operator provides the customer with 1-2 yard drivers who prepare trailers for departure. Loads are also scheduled for specific hours, allowing the drivers assigned to these tasks to work shifts.

The stand-by-trailer service is designed to optimize the loading process but it should be noted that it is  not recommended in all conditions. It should not be used for side-loaded goods, as a trailer operated in this way is more easily damaged and liability without the driver's involvement is often difficult to prove. Considering the circumstances, regardless of the loading method (from the back or from the side), the operator who hands over stand-by-trailers to the customer should determine in advance the responsibilities and tasks of each party. This allows for streamline work, because time is of the essence for both the customer and for the operator, as well as to avoid losses and, consequently, expenses.

In case of Raben Transport, the cost of renting a semi-trailer can be invoiced separately (monthly fee per piece) or included in the price of freight, proportionally to working days. In addition to the form of settlement beneficial for the customer, the advantage of Raben over fright-forwarders or small carriers is the economies of scale - owning a trailer park and the readiness to invest in the needs of its customers.