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Raben Transport invests in modern fleet


2022 is another year when Raben Transport is focusing on fleet replacement and development. The company fleet will receive 115 Mercedes Actros tractors and 66 Schmitz Cargobull semi-trailers. These investments will not only raise the quality of customer service to an even higher level and increase the safety and comfort of drivers, but also reduce the company's environmental impact and bring it closer to achieving its sustainability goals.

Raben Group's continued cooperation with reliable partners - Mercedes-Benz Trucks Polska and EWT Truck & Trailer Polska Sp. z o.o., a representative of Schmitz Cargobull, has resulted in the purchase of new engine tractor units with container chassis and semi-trailers for domestic and international transport.

Modern and economical full truckload transport

All models ordered for 2022 are equipped with the MirrorCam system, which offers better control of the surroundings. Replacing exterior mirrors with cameras allows better visibility from the driver's seat, driving becomes much quieter (no drag) and more economical (reduced combustion). The Predictive Powertrain Control System (PPC), already used the previous generation of Actros tractors for motorways, now also takes into account national roads in Poland and abroad. Intelligent cruise control makes it possible for the driver to save up to 5% fuel while driving.

A fleet that allows us to provide our customers with the highest possible quality of service while being cost-effective and at the same time environmentally friendly - this is what Mercedes-Benz offers us. We greatly appreciate the innovative solutions in Actros models that enhance our operational excellence while improving driver’s safety. Their comfort at work is equally important - after all, it is known that a well-rested driver working in ergonomic conditions will be more attentive and focused on driving - says Piotr Banasiak, Managing Director, Raben Transport.

Work safety and comfort of drivers

When set to the appropriate parameters, the aforementioned cruise control can automatically keep the tractor at a constant distance from the vehicle ahead. The 5th-generation Active Brake Assist System, on the other hand, allows the truck to brake automatically if a radar detects a traffic hazard (such as a pedestrian suddenly stepping into the road). The Blind Spot Assistant warns the driver with a visual and audible signal of a moving object not visible in the right mirror. The driver's safety is further enhanced by an airbag.

The new Actros models offer drivers comfortable conditions for both work and leisure. The BigSpace cabs have an interior height of 1.99 meters, with plenty of storage space, and are suspended on pneumatic cushions to reduce the transmission of vibrations while driving. Beds with Premium Comfort mattresses, a pull-out driver's table on the passenger side and electric parking air conditioning enhance the quality and comfort of rest.

Road and intermodal transport

Semi-trailers also have an impact on reliable transport. To complement the new tractor units, Raben Group opted for Schmitz Cargobull semi-trailers - 66 units in the MEGA version for FTL international transport, in different variants, depending on the preferences of each Raben Transport depot.

Our trailers are the clear leader in reliability and proven technical solutions. First and foremost they have an effective roof lift system, important for the automotive industry. In addition, taking into account the specifics of Raben Transport operations, we have equipped the trailers with a lifting front axle in order to better utilise the tyres and reduce fuel consumption when handling lighter loads - explains Jacek Fiuk, Key Account Manager at EWT Truck & Trailer Polska Sp. z o.o.

The new batch of Schmitz Cargobull trailers will include S.CS POWER CURTAIN models. The advantage of this innovative solution is the durability of the body certified according to EN 12642 Code XL, easy use, shorter time and greater safety in loading and unloading, while saving operating costs. A heavy-duty side tarp protects the cargo against unauthorized access, and additional certified equipment designed to transport tyres is very easy to use. Finally, it's worth mentioning that S.CS POWER CURTAIN trailers are optionally suitable for rail and ferry transport, thus enabling intermodal transport valued by the logistics operator.

In the spirit of sustainable development

Through the purchase of new tractors and semi-trailers, Raben Group is implementing its 2021-2025 Sustainability Strategy. Mercedes Actros units are compliant with the Euro VI emission standard, and their OM 471 generation engines have one of the lowest fuel combustion rates compared to the competition. The technical parameters of the vehicles and the new competencies that Raben Transport drivers will be able to acquire thanks to Eco Training courses organized by Mercedes trainers can produce a synergy effect in the area of ecology. Within a five-year timeframe, Raben Group set such environmental goals as increasing the share of vehicles meeting Euro V and VI standards, as well as those with electric, hydrogen, LNG and CNG drive in its own and suppliers' fleets to 96%, as well as reducing emissions intensity in transport by 10%. This year's investments in the fleet bring the company significantly closer to achieving them.