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Raben invests in modern fleet


A modern and reliable fleet is the cornerstone of the highest quality of deliveries. Therefore, Raben Transport starts the year with new investments not only in infrastructure but, above all, in safety and innovation. The company fleet will receive 26 latest generation Mercedes Actros tractor units and almost 180 modern Schmitz Cargobull semi-trailers supplied by EWT Truck & Trailer Polska Sp. z o.o.

Raben Transport has been a partner of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Polska for many years. Therefore, it is not surprising that the company concerned about the safety of not only its employees but all road users decided to purchase 26 5th generation MB Actros tractor units which will reinforce Raben fleet by the end of March.

“Continuous development is inscribed in the DNA of our company. A modern and innovative fleet not only improves the work comfort and safety of our drivers, but also contributes to the optimization of transport costs, which in today's market situation is essential to build the competitive advantage not only for our company, but for our customers above all”. – comments Piotr Banasiak, Managing Director of Raben Transport.

The new Actros tractor units are equipped with the PPC (Predictive Powertrain Control) system, which was only used on highways in the previous model, while the new extension of the PPC function makes it possible to take advantage of the system also on national roads in Poland and abroad. Predictive Powertrain Control combines a driving style adapted to the route topography with the operation of an automatic transmission system and, in conjunction with the properly set parameters, can save up to 5% of fuel. The system is based on satellite location on the one hand, and on precise 3D maps on the other. It is also worth mentioning that the use of the so-called 4th generation intelligent tachographs allows for automatic data reading and remote roadside inspections without the need to stop the vehicle by authorities.

In order to ensure safety, which is non-negotiable in Raben Transport, the vehicles have been equipped with Active Brake Assist 5 system, which enables automatic braking of the vehicle if the sensors detect any danger in road traffic, e.g. a pedestrian entering the road suddenly. Finally, an absolute novelty– MirrorCam cameras, which replace the exterior mirrors, provide better visibility and greater safety when manoeuvring, turning and changing lanes. In addition, they help reduce fuel consumption because there is no air resistance which occurs with traditional mirrors.

“On behalf of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Polska I would like to thank you for the trust Raben Group has placed in us for so many years. I am happy that together with the new Top Management at Raben Transport we will continue our cooperation and look for new business solutions, taking advantage of the potential of both our companies.” says Piotrek Urban, Sales and Marketing Director of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Polska and he adds - “Raben Group is not a standard customer who buys trucks, but also a supplier who is responsible for deliveries to our factories. What is very important, our business partner emphasizes the economy and safety of the fleet, as well as reducing the environmental impact. This is evidenced by the acquisition of the next batch of new Actros tractor units. Thank you very much for all of this and look forward to our future cooperation.”

Reliable transport is not only about tractors, but also about semi-trailers. Therefore, Raben Transport also in this case relied on the proven Schmitz Cargobull brand, ordering as many as 178 semi-trailers of various types, distributed by EWT Truck & Trailer Polska Sp. z o.o. The domestic transport department will receive Schmitz SCS Standard universal curtainsider and X-Line curtainsider semi-trailers characterized by lower gross weight which enables more effective use of cargo space. In turn, MEGA semi-trailers which will be used for international transport, are a definite leader in reliability mainly due to the effective solution of the roof lifting system, especially important in the case of the automotive industry. Also noteworthy are Power Curtain semi-trailers, which are an alternative to semi-trailer sideboards, and which are specially certified to carry tyres.

Curtainsider semi-trailers with vertical slats are mainly used in the automotive sector for transporting spare parts. A body with a Schmitz Cargobull tarpaulin with vertical slats is the ideal solution since the tarpaulin is characterized by high lateral retention. In addition, due to the possibility of dispensing with sideboards for this type of body, loading and unloading times for goods are significantly reduced." - explains Jacek Fiuk, Key Account Manager, EWT Truck & Trailer Polska Sp. z o.o.

We firmly believe that the new investments in the fleet will certainly pay off not only in terms of driving economy, but in terms of safety above all. The driver's comfort, low fuel consumption and a number of active safety systems are factors that will certainly affect the quality of the services we provide, and thus the satisfaction of our customers.” - summarizes Andrzej Wardzyński, Domestic Transport Director in Raben Transport.