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Raben awarded for innovation


Raben Group has been recognized in the ranking of “Golden Innovations FMCG & Retail 2021” for the modern PCD (Picture Confirming Delivery) solution which consists in contactless confirmation of  delivery with a photo. The official announcement of the contest results took place on 25 October 2021 during a gala at the Kamienica Theatre in Warsaw.

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The Golden Innovations ranking is the largest consumer contest in Poland which selects the most innovative FMCG products and retail solutions. The awarded products and services are those which in the preceding year revolutionised the approach to shopping, made the food market more attractive and directly influenced consumer behaviour through innovation.

This has been the third edition of the contest organized by the Fischer Trading Group publishing house. This year's event consisted of two parts - the announcement of results was preceded by the Innovation Day conference filled with substantial content. Peter Duwel, Genius Lab Manager at Raben Management Services, and Marcin Turski, Sales and Customer Service Director at Fresh Logistics Polska acted as experts during the conference.

The crowning moment of the Innovation Day was the evening gala during which the jury recognized the modern solution by Raben Group - the PCD (Picture Confirming Delivery) service which was introduced by the company in May last year as the answer to the needs of customers and recipients concerning safety in the times of the Coronavirus threat.

“Innovation is inherently inscribed in the DNA of our company. Constant search for modern solutions that improve logistics is not only our daily work but, above all, it is our passion that makes us Better Every Day! This award motivates us even more to optimise our processes and to look for extraordinary logistics solutions,” comments Marcin Turski, Sales and Customer Service Director at Fresh Logistics Polska, who personally accepted the statuette in the Logistics category on behalf of Raben Group.

For more information about the awarded service, visit: https://polska.raben-group.com/en/news/details/raben-launches-picture-confirming-delivery