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Awarded in the Logistics Operator of the Year ranking

Triple success of Raben Group in the Logistics Operator of the Year survey


On 17 November 2022, the results of the 21st edition of the Logistics Operator of the Year 2022 research programme were announced. The winner of the Golden Emblem was Raben Logistics Polska, taking the first place in the ranking of companies enjoying the greatest trust of customers. In turn, Raben Transport received an honourable mention and Fresh Logistics Polska received the Logistics Leader award.

The Logistics Operator of the Year is a satisfaction survey carried out among customers of logistics operators, which provides objective information about the scope and quality of logistics services available on the market. The survey has been conducted by DGC and Eurologistics Publishing for twenty-one years. Based on its results, a ranking of companies is created which enjoy the greatest trust of their customers. Many elements of company management are assessed, such as the relationship of service quality to customer needs and expectations, and to customers' perceptions of the entire competitive environment. The programme is therefore an excellent tool for logistics operators to measure their market position. Not only do customers have the opportunity to evaluate every relevant aspect of the service, but they also have the free choice of indicating which company best meets their expectations.

This year Raben Group became a triple winner of the Logistics Operator of the Year survey. Raben Transport received an honourable mention as the “Most Competitive Transport Company”. Fresh Logistics Polska once again received the Logistics Leader award in the category “Unsurpassable service standard”. However, the winner of the ranking and the winner of the first prize, the Golden Emblem, of this year's twenty-first edition of the Logistics Operator of the Year programme is Raben Logistics Polska. It is the only company listed in all editions of the ranking, having won the programme five times so far: the first edition in 2002, the eighth in 2009, the fourteenth in 2015, the eighteenth in 2018 and the twenty-first in 2022.

“Our customers know that regardless of geopolitical and economic conditions, they can count on Raben - their partner in logistics. This is why, at this point, I wish to thank them for the trust they have placed in our company over the years. I also want to thank our staff and partners, whose passion and commitment causes that we work and grow together. Thanks to them and together with them, we can grow and do so in a sustainable way, with the environment and our planet in mind.” - comments Janusz Anioł, General Director of Raben Logistics Polska, who accepted the award for the company during the Gala.

The Logistics Leader statuette on behalf of Fresh Logistics Polska for the highest service standards was accepted by Artur Orłowski, Sales Manager. Fresh Logistics Polska.

“Continuous process improvement, creating an engaging working environment are long-term tasks that we are gradually implementing as part of our Better Every Day programme. Streamlining activities cannot be carried out ad hoc - only a strategic approach is a guarantee of success i.e. satisfaction of even the most demanding customer. The award we have received is a drive for us to continue working on the quality and standardisation of our services.” - explains Marcin Turski, Sales and Customer Service Director,  Fresh Logistics Polska.

Finally, the honorary award for the most competitive transport company was accepted on behalf of Raben Transport by Magdalena Szaroleta, Sales Director, Raben Transport.

This is a special recognition for us. Raben Transport's competitiveness is the result of daily engagement, entrepreneurship and passion, as well as exceptional attention to customers, resources and processes. It is looking for the greenest solutions and coming up with proposals to optimise the process throughout the supply chain. It is also good energy, open communication, agile decision-making and supporting the companies we work with in their daily challenges. We want to be close to our customers every day and this award is confirmation that we are meeting those needs." - says Magdalena Szaroleta and she adds - “We wish to thank our customers for appreciating working with us. This is undoubtedly a great motivation to continue to grow and maintain the highest level of the services we offer.”