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Planning and VAS production record - a case study of cooperation between Raben and eq system


Operating since 1991, Raben Logistics Polska is a leading logistics company in Poland, employing over 3,700 employees in 35 branches. In eight of them, around 700 people a day are involved in VAS (value-added services). A dozen or so years ago, VAS meant primarily the fulfillment of the needs related to the area of ​​data exchange, including the accuracy of completion, availability of goods and shipment status. There were also basic activities related to activities with the product, such as labeling or creating promotional sets. Currently, the development of modern retail, e-commerce or omnichannel distribution channels has strongly developed co-packing services, and labeling, displays, and the production of promotional sets have become a standard element of the company's offer. Among the new trends in this area, there are co-manufacturing services (i.e. taking over production competences from customers) and product customization (adjusting to individual customer requirements).