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- Raben Group and the Noble Gift join forces in the Solidarity Gift

Raben Group has been supporting the Noble Gift during the Weekend of Miracles as a logistics partner since 2019, during which organized aid goes to those most in need. The operator provides trucks, drivers and logistics experts, and shares its extensive experience. As a result, Raben trucks go all over Poland and deliver aid on time to those most in need. In June this year, the reliable partner also became involved in a special edition of the Noble Gift - the Solidarity Gift - dedicated to Ukrainian families.

"Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, more than 4 million refugees have already crossed our border seeking asylum. Each of us experiences the information coming from across the eastern border in a different way. However, we all saw the grassroots public initiative and how willingly the Poles engaged in offering aid. Aid that is still needed. So when we heard about the idea of a special edition of the Noble Gift, i.e. the Solidarity Gift for refugee families - there was only one decision we could make - we joined the campaign! Every year around Christmas Raben becomes the logistics partner of the Noble Gift. It looks like we will cooperate twice this year. The first Weekend of Miracles, the one associated with the Solidarity Gift, is behind us. We made our contribution by sharing our resources and experience for a worthy cause. I must admit that it's a very rewarding feeling when you help along with the company you work for." - says Katarzyna Ostojska, Marketing Manager, Raben Logistics Poland. 

The Solidarity Gift is a special edition of the Noble Gift organized for people who fled the war in Ukraine to Poland and are in a difficult material situation.

“We are really grateful to our volunteers, donors and partners, thanks to whom adequate, smart aid has reached more than a thousand refugee families across Poland. It goes to people who not long ago had homes, happy lives, but had to flee to Poland with one suitcase and the clothes they were wearing. There are many children among them.  For many of them, this will be the first time they have received such individual aid and the first time someone has asked: what do you need? What can really help you?” - says Joanna Sadzik, President of the WIOSNA Association, organizer of the Noble and Solidarity Gifts, and she adds: “Thanks to this aid, families often regain hope, and they also feel that someone has noticed them, that they are important to someone. This is especially important in a situation where they found themselves alone in a foreign country.”

During the June's Solidarity Gift Weekend of Miracles  - volunteers with gifts reached 1119 refugee families.

Raben Group at the Weekend of Miracles

The Solidarity Gift, like the Noble Gift, did not leave families in need without help, even in locations where there was a shortage of donors. That's why, as part of the Solidarity, support warehouses have been established in three cities: Warsaw, Kraków and Gdańsk, where packages were stored for families that had not found donors in their areas. The support of logistics partner, Raben Group, which provided its trucks and engaged employees (7 drivers and logistics experts) during the Solidarity Gift Weekend of Miracles, proved essential when transporting the parcels. The quick and efficient operation made it possible to transport parcels from 3 support warehouses to 12 regional warehouses, and from there they were delivered directly to those in need by the Solidarity Gift volunteers. 

Raben - logistics partner of the Noble Gift

Raben Group is a logistics operator which offers comprehensive TFL services: contract logistics, road transport (domestic, international and East), logistics of fresh produce (Fresh Logistics), FTL & intermodal transport, sea and air freight. Over 90 years of experience and recognition on the market allow for building and maintaining long-term relationships with customers. The company offers logistics “with a human face” for small, medium and large enterprises. Partnership and trust are part of this style of cooperation. The Group wants to be the drive which will not only keep the world going but also will make it better and greener. Therefore, it consistently implements its sustainable development strategy based on three pillars: responsible organization, environmental protection and social impact. Raben has been connected with the Noble Gift since 2019.

Enjoy a short video of this year's campaign:

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