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Raben Group wins a double award in the Logistics Operator of the Year plebiscite

On 8 December 2021 in Warsaw, during the annual logistics celebration – the Gala of Logistics, Transport and Production, the results of the 20th Logistics Operator of the Year survey were announced. We are pleased to inform that two Raben Group companies received awards during that event. The winner of the Silver Emblem was Raben Logistics Polska while Fresh Logistics Polska received the title of the Logistics Leader.

The Logistics Operator of the Year is a satisfaction survey carried out among logistics customers and it provides objective information about the scope and quality of logistics services available on the market. For twenty years now, the survey has been carried out by Data Group Consulting and Eurologistics Publishing House.

Its aim is to provide market participants with the knowledge of customers' expectations and the quality of provided logistics services. Based on the findings of the survey, a ranking of companies is created, which enjoy the greatest trust of their customers. The ranking is used to promote logistics services of the highest quality.


Silver Emblem for Raben

The winner of the second award, the Silver Emblem, of this year's 20th edition of the Logistics Operator of the Year survey is Raben Logistics Polska. It is the only company listed in all editions of the ranking, having won the programme four times so far: the first edition in 2002, the eighth in 2009, the fourteenth in 2015 and the eighteenth in 2019.

“The year 2021 was a year of anniversaries for us: 90 years of Raben Group operations on the European market and 30 years of existence in Poland. It is also the 20th anniversary of the Logistics Operator of the Year survey. Therefore, I am very glad that this triple anniversary has been crowned with Raben Logistics Polska's presence “on the podium” among the winners of the programme. This award is all the more gratifying because this was the second year of the pandemic with another wave of COVID, a period of economic recovery but also the unpredictable and volatile economy. This is a time when trust and understanding between partners is key. – comments Janusz Anioł, General Director, Raben Logistics Polska.


The company successfully defends its position as the most competitive company on the market, constantly improving the standard of delivery service in accordance with customers' expectations.


“In Raben we think about the future not only by securing resources on the difficult market, but also by constantly introducing innovations, automating processes or making more and more investments. We do all this based on pro-ecological solutions because we know that by taking care of the environment, we take care of the future of the next generations. Our priorities are invariably stability and quality of cooperation, and our advantage is our own international distribution network in 14 countries, a comprehensive offer and the ability to adapt to a new situation and flexibility and openness to change. We work according to the motto ‘Your partner in logistics’ and these are not just empty words.” - adds Janusz Anioł.


Fresh Logistics - Logistics Leader

Fresh Logistics Polska, the winner of the award for the best logistics company in the category of Irreplaceable Service Standard during this year's 20th edition of the Logistics Operator of the Year survey, is a company which in 2002, the year when it was established, joined the customer satisfaction survey in the first edition of the programme. It participated in the survey for ten consecutive editions, winning many awards. The Leader of Logistics Award has been presented to it for the second time.

Fresh Logistics Polska is characterized by technical superiority in the field of innovativeness as well as digitalization and integration of operational and IT systems. Thanks to such advanced tools as a communication platform for placing orders, as well as focus on automation and digitalization of processes, the company is able to maintain the status of a preferred logistics partner for the largest retail chains in Poland, having fixed hours of delivery advice. For years, Fresh Logistics has been implementing the Better Every Day business improvement programme based on lean management tools, focusing on implementing processes in such a way so that they create added value for the customer. Compared to all the surveyed companies, it has the highest position in the market in which it operates. According to its customers, it is the unrivalled leader in the logistics of fresh produce and cannot be replaced by other logistics service providers.


Last year was a time of great challenges for us -the unstable market situation, new legal regulations, the need to quickly remodel business processes. It would seem that in such difficult times it is not easy to satisfy the most demanding customers. The award is the best proof that it is possible. I am glad that this year has been crowned with such a prestigious award. It is the crowning achievement of our efforts to consistently improve the quality of our services and to build customer loyalty. – says Tomasz Olenderek, General Director, Fresh Logistics Polska

The survey assesses many aspects of company management, including the competitive potential of the company, comprehensiveness of logistics services, achieving agreed performance indicators, standard of customer service according to key customers, standard of customer service according to all customers, market leader position according to key customers and market leader position according to all customers. By relating service quality ratings to customers' needs and expectations and to their perceptions of the overall competitive environment, the research programme allows the participant to measure their market position.

This year's edition of the Customer Satisfaction Survey - Logistics Operator of the Year was conducted for the second time in extraordinary conditions, between the successive waves of the COVID-19 pandemic. The field component of the 20th edition - just like the previous one – did not take place in the usual period: the end of May - the beginning of July, but much later - from July to the end of September 2021.