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Raben Group wins the title of TOP BRAND 2022


Raben Group repeated its success of the last two years and can once again boast the TOP BRAND title. The company was listed in the 15th edition of the PRESS magazine and PRESS-SERVICE Media Monitoring as one of the 50 strongest brands in terms of media presence and the leader of the industry ranking "Transport and logistics".

The TOP BRAND 2022 title has been the third award of this kind presented to Raben Group. By taking the top spot in the ranking in the “Transport and logistics” category, the company was among the brands with the highest media presence representing 50 industries. Importantly, the position in the classification takes into account impact, which indicates the reach of the publication, as well as the sentiment index, - it therefore has both a quantitative and a qualitative dimension.

The statuettes were presented at a ceremony in Warsaw and the award was accepted on behalf of Raben Group by Jolanta Sawińska, Regional Director, Raben Logistics Polska.

As in previous years, the ranking covered 500 brands from 50 industries. This year's anniversary edition analysed 70 million pieces of material: more than 2 million print publications, 14 million online and 54 million posts on public Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube profiles that appeared between 1 July 2021 and 30 June 2022.

At a time when access to the media and self-creation of information is easier than ever, every positive action of a brand, but also every slip-up, is instantly publicised. Raben Group strives for excellence in the quality of its services, stakeholder relations and sustainability projects. We are happy that this has been reflected in traditional and social media yet another year - commented Klaudyna Polanowska-Skrzypek, Group PR manager at Raben Group. 

More information about the current and previous editions of the project can be found here.