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Excellence Leaders in Raben Logistics Polska

In Raben Group, the slogan Better every day is unquestionably associated with the Lean culture and continuous improvement of business in each of the companies. For this reason, in 2022, Raben Logistics Polska initiated the nationwide Excellence Leaders program, which was aimed at both employee development and improvement of processes implemented in the company.

The first edition of the program ended with a joint workshop summarizing the knowledge gained by the new "Excellence Leaders" and the handing over of certificates by Janusz Anioł, General Director of Raben Logistics Polska, confirming the new competences of the participants.

Who are the graduates of the original initiative of the Raben Logistics Polska Business Improvement Team and what is the Excellence Leaders program about?

They are people who are passionate, committed and willing to constantly improve. In the recruitment process, 31 participants were selected from about 150 applications, who gained knowledge throughout the year by participating in numerous trainings and workshops. Their topics were matched to the current needs of the company and the challenges facing the industry. The joint implementation of the prepared case studies helped to better understand the functioning of an organization run in the spirit of Lean Management. Thanks to this, the participants also had the opportunity to exchange experiences.

Participation in Excellence Leaders gave me a lot of positive emotions (…) I received a lot of knowledge necessary for effective work. It broadened my horizons of cooperation and attention to detail. He developed me and enriched me with new, good relationships. - emphasizes one of the participants - Piotr Szwedka, Sales Specialist in Straszyn.

What distinguishes Excellence Leaders is a two-stage training process consisting of both theoretical and practical modules, as well as an empirical part, focusing on each participant carrying out their own initiative or project.

It was a really, really good time!!! Very good and concise trainings among great people creating amazing teams. Excellent, well-prepared trainers who use their knowledge and modern training tools to the maximum. Ambitious, demanding challenges involving participants - recalls Łukasz Skibiński, Warehouse Manager in Gądki.

The Excellence Leaders program is not only a series of substantive meetings, but above all time well spent in a great atmosphere.

It was an amazing adventure and an opportunity to meet great people. I received a huge dose of theoretical and practical knowledge, which I will definitely use. The program was certainly an opportunity to develop and present myself and my skills. - comments Agata Mazur, Senior Sales Specialist in Sosnowiec.

What else do Excellence Leaders from Raben say?

Jacek Kuczaba, Deputy Warehouse Manager in Łoziska:

The Excellence Leaders program is all about learning. The knowledge gained here helps me in my daily work, but also makes me look at many aspects of my work differently - in accordance with the slogan Better Every Day. I also notice many areas for improvement in the processes in my department. Excellence Leaders is also great fun and great people. Inspiring, inventive, creative, smiling, able to work individually, but also aware of how much can be achieved by teamwork. The Business Improvement Team rose to the occasion. This is the best project I've been involved in in my entire professional career. I rate the EL program as a six with a plus!

Gabriela Superson, International Transport Dispatcher in Rzeszów:

Excellence Leaders trainings have stimulated my creativity and improved the quality of my activities. The program also allowed for the exchange of experiences and establishing new relationships within the company. A huge dose of knowledge, help of the leaders during the implementation of the project, is the comfort that accompanied me throughout the implementation of the activities. I wish there were more workshops and trainings conducted in this way.

Cezary Bagrowski, International Transport Dispatcher in Gądki:

Participation in the EL program is like an exciting F1 race in the rain. You start uncertainly, carefully, you do not know the prevailing conditions. However, with each successive training (lap) you gain confidence, gaining knowledge (driving) becomes more and more exciting. You have to be alert all the time. You never know what the leaders (other race participants) will surprise you with and what task you will have to perform. Pit stops (breaks) are always enjoyable, and after the training (race) is over, you can't wait for the next one.

Marzena Przybylska, Senior Specialist from the Customer Service Department in Warsaw:

Participation in the Excellence Leaders training allowed me to broaden my theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills, learn about new functions and advanced capabilities. Contact with other people as part of the training helped me to look at my activities, ideas and solutions from a different perspective. I already use the memorized and organized information obtained during the training in practice, both during the performance of current professional duties and when introducing new improvements in our company. I highly recommend participating in the training, because the knowledge gained broadens horizons and increases our self-esteem.

Excellence Leaders alumni have been successful

The acquisition of new competences and the desire to improve in teams, branches and regions translated into the successful implementation of local projects and workshops. Achieving the goals was possible only thanks to the commitment, cooperation, openness and willingness to change the graduates of the program. The 1st edition of Excellence Leaders was widely heard in the organization, which is why this year more people join the group of participants of the program to develop their wings under the supervision of the Business Improvement Team of Raben Logistics Polska.