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ETA - in Raben Group from January

Time is worth its weight in gold in the logistics industry. That is why information about the time of delivery the shipment is priceless. Traffic jams, unforeseen events, and even force majeure - all these affect operational efficiency of both the logistics company and the customer. In the era of digitalization, there must be solutions at hand which allow for flexible operations depending on the changing situation in the logistics process. This is the reason why, at the beginning of January, Raben Group provided its customers with a tool for tracking shipments in real time.

As a socially responsible company, Raben Group abides by the rules of fair play in business. Fair play is a universal principle which works not only in sports. Relations based on trust and mutual honesty build a better tomorrow.

“Thanks to everyday communication with customers and recipients of shipments, we are aware of the importance of honest, reliable and straightforward information about the time of delivery. We can’t say that traffic jams or random events don’t happen. One cannot wish reality. We want to provide our customers with reliable information so that they can have better control over their own operations. – says Marcin Sobczyński, Head of Group Marketing, Raben Group

ETA – time of delivery

The term ETA (estimated time of arrival) denotes the estimated time of delivery at which a given means of transport will arrive at the destination. In order to meet the expectations of its customer, Raben Group has developed an innovative shipment tracking system based on the ETA parameter. It uses information about the current position of the driver based on the GPS location provided by the mobile device. 

“With the GPS position transmitted to Raben Group IT systems every 5 minutes, we are able to calculate the estimated time of arrival of the shipment to the recipient with a high degree of accuracy. We work with data on the location of shipments in real time and this significantly increases the accuracy of the calculation and the quality of the final information. In addition, all current road situations are taken into account and, thanks to this, we have the ability to update the estimated time of delivery on the fly.” – explains Bartosz Kolasiński, Project Manager, Raben Group

Customers of Raben Group can monitor the time of delivery in real time on myRaben.com platform. In the event of a situation which may affect the time of delivery (earlier/later than originally calculated), being the result of the situation on the road or an accident for instance, the system automatically updates the estimated time of delivery and sends updates to myRaben.com platform. At the same time, at the time of placing a transport order, the customer has the option of activating electronic notifications of the estimated time of delivery sent by email to the indicated addresses.

How does ETA work in Raben Group?

Currently, the industry standard is the delivery notification system based on historical statistical data. This allows only for estimating the time of delivery, which in case of a delay, becomes obsolete. ETA allows Raben Group to exceed the standards because it offers access to up-to-date, current information about the estimated time of delivery of the shipment. Thanks to this solution, customers can optimally plan and manage resources on their side in an effective manner throughout the entire logistics process.

The new IT solution developed by Raben Group together with the leaders of the telematic market (TIS Gmbh and PTV) enables ongoing monitoring of the location of trucks and shipments located inside their cargo holds. 

“Thanks to the gathered information about the location of the mobile device, we can calculate the ETA parameter which allows for indicating the time of delivery with high accuracy. Mobile devices of every driver communicate via GSM services with Raben Group applications at the interval of 5 minutes. The information about the driver's location is processed by specialized algorithms which calculate the time of delivery of shipments loaded onto a truck at the Raben Group branch.” – says Bartosz Kolasiński

It is enough for the driver to carry a mobile device and the customer can get reliable and precise information about the time of delivery of his shipment. The customer doesn’t have to remember about specialized packaging or RFID tags to enjoy the availability of information.

Mobile devices, which will eventually be the equipment of every driver who cooperates with Raben Group, also support them in their everyday work. The terminals are used for navigation, internal communication between the driver with the dispatcher, and they support additional applications for effective work. Thanks to this, the driver is in contact with the company at all times.

Raben Group has implemented the ETA solution in 11 countries in which it operates. More information about ETA in Raben Group is available at www.etafairway.com.