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International distribution from the Raben Logistics Polska branch in Wrocław


International distribution from the Raben Logistics Polska branch in Wrocław

The Raben Logistics Polska branch in Wrocław offers new opportunities for international distribution with flexible and individually tailored solutions for customers. An example is a tailor-made delivery service for one of the branch's clients within 24 hours to all of Hungary, Austria and Slovakia.

In 2022, the Wrocław branch of Raben expanded its international connections, thanks to which it is possible to provide a 24-hour service for customers from the area of Wrocław to the area of Prague and Hradec Kralove. The new connections include Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Lithuania and are carried out within 48 hours.

In addition, it is worth noting that connections offered by Raben Logistics Polska in Wrocław are daily, which ensures not only constant and uninterrupted customer service, but also continuity of deliveries.

The geographical location of Wrocław is naturally conducive to launching connections towards the CEE region. Newly opened relationships are crucial for effective, timely and, above all, safe transport. In addition, direct, daily departures from Wrocław allow us to create individual logistics solutions, e.g. by shortening the delivery time to the aforementioned 24 hours, which builds our clients' competitive advantage as well as optimizes their costs. This is particularly important in view of the current trends in the economy - comments Jakub Choma, Director of International Distribution of the Region.

Raben Logistics Polska in Wrocław still has space and opportunities for further development in the area of international distribution. Especially since operations are carried out from a new facility - a cross dock warehouse with an area of 8,000 m2.

The volumes that Raben Logistics Polska handles in Wrocław amount to over 50,000 shipments per month, which translates into approximately 80,000 pallet places and 3,000 unloaded and loaded cars per month. In turn, the transported goods come from sectors such as: industrial, automotive, electronics, FMCG food and FMCG non-food.