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Cluj-Napoca – new Raben site at Romania

The new site of Raben Logistics Romania in Cluj-Napoca opened on 15 May 2017, so the company now has 4,300 m2 of x-dock warehouse at three sites (Bucharest, Arad and Cluj-Napoca) to serve its customers in Romania.

“We chose Cluj-Napoca for our new site, as it is developing significantly, and the depot is in an easily accessible industrial area, close to the motorway. If you wont to develop a strong distribution network in Romania, you have to be present in Cluj.” - said Valentin Storoj, the Managing Director of Raben Logistics Romania to explain the reasons of the choice.

The city has an important relationship with Hungary, so this action of Raben is expected to simplify goods transport of their customer between the two countries as well. The company can now serve its customers requiring domestic and international transport from the 1,300 m2 area with three loading bays and four employees.

Raben Logistics Romania is in Romania since 2016 in Bucharest and Arad with 20 employees. The company is competent partner in transportation of groupage, part and full truck loads even in international even in national destinations. The company offers in Romania customized solutions for customers regardless size and sector of company of customers.

”Our group customers have plants in Transilvania and we have to offer the best solutions for them. Cluj Napoca is the biggest city in Transilvania” - said Valentin Storoj.

The plans of the company for the future include further expansion in Cluj-Napoca, also offering warehousing logistics services to its customers, if required.