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Bolsius extends a contract with Raben for 5 more years


Bolsius Polska have begun co-operation with Raben Group in 2011. The partnership relations achieved throughout the years lead to a more extensive co-operation and a creation, in 2017, of an innovative high-storage warehouse in Gądki, fitting the client's specific product needs. This, in turn, allowed the supply chain to be further optimised. Having in mind the ongoing concentration of key logistics functions of Bolsius in Poland, the company's board made a decision to extend the contract with Raben Logistics Polska for 5 more years. 

“The global market changes, rising competitiveness, optimisation of logistics processes and a better availability of our products for Bolsius clients in European markets lead the Board to shift the logistics centre of gravity to Poland. For the last 10 years, our co-operation with Raben in terms of outsourcing of warehousing, picking, transport and additional services has been at a very high level. Since the very beginning, its most important elements have been the high quality of provided services, great flexibility (addressing the high seasonality of sales), excellent communication and partnership in facing new challenges. We believe these values will remain a substantial support for our plans of growing the Bolsius brand in Europe and a cornerstone of many, long years of co-operation with Raben Logistics Polska, with mutual satisfaction.– comments Przemysław Białek, Bolsius Logistics Manager

As a result of the changes, the scope of services will grow. The warehouse in Gądki will now handle processes related to warehousing services for European markets such as: Germany, Austria, Italy and Scandinavia. There are also plans to increase co-packing activities (around 6 million items yearly), including dedicated activities and deliveries to final customers e.g., from Germany (DM, Edeka, Aldi). All these activities will be supported by highly advanced operating systems (Asprova) and automated systems available in Raben's logistics centre in Gądki.

“The Raben warehouse is becoming Bolsius’ main warehouse, providing logistics services for nearly entire Europe. We are aware of this key role in the further development of the Bolsius brand, which not only manufactures and sells highest quality products, but also expects an equally high quality from their logistics operator. We believe that the close co-operation of our teams is the key to achieve success. We appreciate your trust and are happy to face any new challenge. - added Lucyna Zaborowska-Princ, Raben Contract Logistics Director