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Are you ready

for digital transformation?

Are you ready for digital transformation?

These and other questions could be answered during the conference “What awaits retail? Trends, challenges and standards of the new era” organized jointly by Raben Logistics Polska, Fresh Logistics Polska and GS1 Polska. The event, which took place on March 13, 2024 at the Sheraton hotel in Poznań, gathered over 150 people, giving them the opportunity to actively participate in discussions and presentations regarding challenges and opportunities for the trade industry.

During the meeting, participants had the opportunity to explore the latest trends, threats and opportunities for the retail industry. Strategies to prepare organizations for upcoming ESG-related legislative challenges and various approaches that industry leaders have successfully used were also discussed.

The main theme of the conference was chosen due to the growing interest in digital transformation in the retail industry and supply chains, as well as the need to exchange knowledge and experiences between experts and practitioners in this field. The speakers at the event were experienced representatives of leading retail chains, manufacturers and logisticians, as well as research companies.

Not only AI and ESG

The event began with a speech by Dr. Marta M. Kania from Superpowered by AI, who presented forecasts and trends regarding the use of artificial intelligence in the retail industry for 2024. Thanks to Katarzyna Zalewska and Piotr Ciąćka from Kantar Polska, interesting issues regarding consumer behavior in the context of sustainable development.

Experts from GS1 Polska also presented a number of interesting issues. Dr. Marta Szymborska introduced everyone to the concept of the Digital Product Passport, and Magdalena Bednarkiewicz with Hanna Walczak introduced the benefits of using 2D codes.

A separate block during the conference was the presentation of a case study of the implementation of a paperless solution discussed by Dariusz Jadczak and Agata Horzela from GS1 Polska, Marcin Wakuła from Lactalis and Jarosław Gulowaty from Fresh Logistics Polska, which was received with great interest.

The closing presentation of Agata Witkowska from GS1 Polska and Dariusz Garbiec from the Poznań Institute of Technology focused on solutions supporting digital transformation in trade.

"The way a given company deals with new challenges largely depends on innovations that shape the path of transformation and enable the organization to effectively adapt to new conditions and business challenges." - comments Jarosław Gulowaty, Director of Contract Logistics at Fresh Logistics Polska and Chairman of the GS1 Polska Council.

Not a cost, just an investment

The debate on sustainable development in the retail industry, in which Agnieszka Koc from Jeronimo Martins Polska, Aleksander Czepelewski from Lactalis, Izabela Antczak from UPM Raflatac and Lucyna Zaborowska-Princ from Raben Logistics Polska took part, with Antonii Obajniewski from Fresh Logistics as the moderator, created the opportunity exchange of opinions and information on good practices. The discussion concerned changes taking place in the industry in the context of, among others: global pandemic and geopolitical situation, focusing on consumers' growing expectations of companies in terms of transparency and social responsibility. The approach of organizations creating the entire value chain to circular economy solutions was also considered, emphasizing the great importance of cooperation at every step. It was also clear that ESG-related expenses should be treated as an investment, not a cost.

“It is during such meetings that we can draw important conclusions and explore various perspectives on the operation of individual links in the supply chain. Such an exchange of experiences allows for a better understanding of the issues discussed, more effective cooperation and more informed decisions,” summed up Lucyna Zaborowska-Princ, Regional Director of Raben Logistics Polska.

In line with the paperless idea, the organizers decided on an alternative approach to gifts for conference participants. Instead of traditional leaflets and gadgets, participants will receive a special e-book containing materials about all presentations with links to them, a summary of the debate and additional surprises. The e-book will be sent by e-mail to all those who registered for the event, even if they were unable to participate in its full scope.

Conference “What awaits retail? Trends, challenges and standards of the new era” was the first event of this type, but judging by the opinions and expectations of the participants, it probably will not be the last.