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Gold for the socially responsible


The “Golden Leaf” of Polityka weekly has been presented to Raben Group already for the fifth time. The distinction is presented to businesses which run operations in accordance with the principles of corporate social responsibility. The ranking was prepared by Polityka weekly in cooperation with Deloitte and Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu (eng Responsible Business Forum).

Raben Group has been undertaking and promoting activities in the field of corporate social responsibility for many years now. Corporate social responsibility is an inherent part of the DNA of the family company based on a system of values.

“Raben Group has reached for gold once again! We have DRIVE to CSR. Thank you for appreciating our activities in the “Leaves of CSR” ranking to the editors of POLITYKA weekly and Deloitte. We promise to make every effort to keep it up for years to come. There is definitely no shortage of challenges, especially in the recent months and in the context of climate change!” – says Jakub Krzewina, Group CSR manager from Raben Group

The company has been pursuing the sustainable development strategy since 2010. Its aim in corporate social responsibility is to be the trendsetter in the sector in giving the added value for the environment through sustainable solutions.

Polityka weekly has presented CSR Leaves already for the ninth time. 96 companies filled in and sent this year's online questionnaire to the editorial office (prepared on the basis of the ISO 2600 standard). As many as 68 companies were awarded with POLITYKA CSR Leaves based on the analysis of the questionnaires according to the criteria available at www.polityka.pl/csr.