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Good CSR practices by Raben in the RBF report


As many as 14 projects by Raben Group were listed in the Report “Responsible business in Poland. Good Practices” published for the 19th time by the Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu (eng. Responsible Business Forum). Particular attention was paid to the company's support of the frontline of the fight against COVID19 - the practice was showcased at the online Gala on 15 April 2021.

Corporate social responsibility is an inherent part of the DNA of the family company based on a system of values. The company approaches the concept of CSR in a comprehensive manner, integrating socially responsible activities with the business strategy of the organization. Every year the company invests in more efficient and environmentally friendly transport and storage solutions and plants thousands of trees which neutralise tonnes of CO2. It also signed first green energy supply contracts in 2021 and 2021.

No wonder that Raben Group's good practices have been included in the RBF report for years.

Take a look at the practices which made it into the report:

The new practices:

  1. Manager of Choice - gamification program for Raben Group managers
  2. PCD (Picture Confirming Delivery) - a new service by Raben Group which consists in confirming the delivery with a photograph and thus enabling the driver and the recipient to keep a safe distance
  3. Support of the fight against COVID19 - in cooperation with Lions Club Poznań Pillory, Raben Group organized charitable road transport of medical equipment purchased by the Doctors for Doctors Foundation operating under the auspices of the Supreme Medical Chamber as part of the support campaign for the fight against COVID-19
  4. Keep calm and keep a safe distance campaign - internal communication aimed at compliance with COVID19 safety rules, with the participation of the top management of the company
  5. Raben for Noble Parcel - charitable transports as part of the Week of Miracles of the Noble Parcel

The long-standing practices:

  1. Don’t be wild - the company launched an open interactive educational platform Don’t be wild about road safety: www.niebadzdziki.pl
  2. Transport is Necessary - the idea of the Transport is Necessary campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of transport for the economy and to educate about road safety
  3. SUSA talks - the program aims to reduce accidents and raise awareness to prevent dangerous incidents in the workplace.
  4. Cooperation with Food Banks - as part of cooperation with Food Banks, the company provides support in transporting food and products donated by companies
  5. E-invoice = higher culture - as part of a practice implemented by Raben Group, the company planted a tree on behalf of each customer who agreed to receive e-invoices. Last year, over 2100 trees were planted in Poland and Ukraine. In total, the company has already planted almost 16,000 trees - they will neutralise around 12,000 tonnes of CO2  in their lifetime
  6. Raben Group on the run - combining the employees' passion with the promotion of a healthy lifestyle
  7. Raben for drivers - is a project in which Raben Group operates an incentive and loyalty programme consisting of three elements: an information newsletter, trainings and a contest for drivers.
  8. Share the Way dialogue sessions  - a project of dialogue sessions “Share the Way” in line with the AA1000SES standard
  9. Whistleblowing - a procedure for communicating actions which are against the law or business ethics. It supports building or maintenance of a credible organization where everyone complies with the law and internal regulations. 

Each year the Responsible Business Forum publishes the Report “Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices”. The main part is a summary of CSR and sustainability activities reported by companies in late December and early January.

The latest edition contains 1958 examples of good practices (1696 in the previous edition) submitted by 225 companies (214 in the previous edition), including 57 companies from the micro, small and medium sector (55 in the previous edition). In terms of good practices, it is a record publication, while the number of companies is the second result in the history of the Report. Almost 2000 CSR activities include two groups of practices. The first are new practices reported for the first time in the Report. The latest edition included 1013 of them (712 in the previous edition). The second group consists of long-standing practices already published in previous editions of the report but implemented in the past year. This year there were 945 corporate social responsibility initiatives (983 in the previous edition).

The experts of the Responsible Business Forum emphasize that the smaller number of long-standing practices shows that the pandemic has led to suspension or interruption of some CSR activities. Quite often they also had to take on a completely different form.