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Another A from CSR


Raben Group deserves an A for its corporate social responsibility - it has received a Golden Leaf for the sixth time in a row. In the tenth edition of the ranking organized by POLITYKA weekly, Deloitte and the Responsible Business Forum, the logistics operator was among 15 companies awarded with this highest CSR award.

The past year was not good for corporate social responsibility. Many companies literally fought for survival and because of the pandemic they had to revise their strategy and set new, sometimes very mundane priorities. Fortunately, this situation did not concern Raben Group - not only because transport was necessary more than ever, but also because of a very strong internal motivation and determination, a unique drive for sustainable development. 

Implementing the corporate social responsibility strategy in the midst of a malicious virus raging across the globe is certainly not an easy task. However, we don’t let go, we don’t lower the bar. First, we've been following this path for over a decade and we're really determined. Second, we made a commitment and we will make every effort to keep it - says Jakub Krzewina, Group Sustainability Manager. - I admit that we have made good progress in the last 2 years in our strategic approach within ESG and the widely understood sustainability. We do our best to keep up with the latest trends and increasingly demanding standards - we are doing our CSR homework, so we are all the more pleased with the high scores.”

Raben Group has been awarded with POLITYKA's Golden Leaf for the sixth time. Together with 14 other companies, mainly from the retail, pharmaceutical, banking and energy sectors, it sets standards and inspires others in the field of corporate social responsibility. In this edition of the ranking, the Silver Leaf was awarded to 24 companies, while the White Leaf went to 55. This year's edition of POLITYKA's Leaves was exceptional in terms of the number of applications (124 complete questionnaires) and the number of awarded companies (94).