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Raben is proud to present the Social Report 2017

Over 200 tons of food saved from waste together with Food Banks. 2,300 planted trees as part of the “e-invoice = higher culture” campaign. Approx. PLN 100,000 donated as part of grassroots employee initiatives and the activities of the corporate foundation. There are just some of the social activities of Raben Group; their full list is presented in the latest Social Report 2017. It was prepared in accordance with the WCAG standard at the AA level and more than 500 stakeholders were involved in the process of its creation.

2017 was very busy for Raben Group. During this time, 5,000 employees in cooperation with 4,000 drivers, using 53 branches throughout Poland, prepared and delivered over 7 million shipments with an area of ​​over 21 million pallet places, while generating revenues of over PLN 2 billion. The company also received three CSR awards and was recognized as a Reliable Brand according to a customer survey conducted by myCompany Polska.

We believe that our social commitment is just as important for our customers as the quality of our services and the partnership of mutual relations. Raben Group has been building the trust of the customers on the Polish market for over 27 years and in Europe for more than 87 years. Thousands of customers have trusted us during that period. As a business partner, we care about the ethics of relations in the entire value chain while focusing on transparency and mutual respect. Every day, each Raben Group employee and subcontractor builds an organizational culture based on ethics through their behaviour and honesty in approaching customers, suppliers, as well as local communities and other stakeholders. – says Ewald Raben, CEO Raben Group.

This has been the fourth CSR report by Raben Group and it is available at: https://csr.raben-group.com/ It is compliant with the WCAG standard at the AA level. This report has by audited by an external organization.

Raben Group has been undertaking and promoting activities in the field of corporate social responsibility for many years now. Corporate social responsibility is an inherent part of the DNA of the family company based on a system of values. Even before the first GRI guidelines were published, the company was involved in charitable activities, but above all, it actively supported local communities. Its vision talks about being the trendsetter in our sector in giving the additional value through sustainable solutions.

Today, Raben Group approaches the concept of CSR in a more comprehensive manner, integrating socially responsible activities with 3 key directions set directly by the business strategy of the organization. Our path to responsibility is also set by the road signs correlated with the goals of the UN's sustainable development, which Raben Group decided to support with its activities.

“As a large business operating on the world stage, we are aware that we don’t operate in a separate social zone. We want to continually support international efforts to shape sustainable economy, hence we declare our willingness to support the implementation of the UN sustainable development goals: economic growth and decent work, climate action and responsible production and consumption. – explains Ewald Raben.