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Transport to Bulgaria

homeland of the Cyrillic alphabet


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    reliable transport

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Do you know that...

...the Cyrillic alphabet was developed precisely in Bulgaria? The country is also a world leader in the production of rose oil. However, you do not have to write in Cyrillic to order us a transport to Bulgaria.

By organizing international road transport from Poland to Bulgaria - we are at your disposal. Thanks to the developed transport network of the Raben Group we offer optimal transport from Bulgaria as well.

International transport Bulgaria means constant, frequent connections and quick deliveries. It's all from anywhere in Poland.

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What differentiate us?

Transport Poland Romania means daily connections, among others
from Gliwice to Sofia
with a delivery time of 5-6 days in the door-2-door system.

In import, daily connections from Sofia to Gliwice
with a delivery time of 5-6 days.

We transport general cargo, partial and full truck loads.
We support consolidation projects in order to optimize costs.


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