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EuroHub System

We connect europe

Direct LH connections

Countries directly connected

Capacity / pallets / year

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Cross-dock capacity

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  • CUSTOMER SERVICE with human face
  • intuitive and easy to use ORDERING and QUICK QUOTATION (24/7) 
  • Secured and stable SERVICE EXCELLENCE 
  • Smarter & faster LEADTIMES

  • ETA „fair way” – TRANSPARENCY (full control over delivery time)

  • LOWER CO2 EMISSION |  eco2way effect


  • Less handling / reloads

  • Improved leadtime - shorter transit from individual countries

    No stops at outdoor car parks
    Shorter distance for shipments to reach the final recipient
    Consolidation of goods - better filling on cars

  • One TMS, one management, common procedures within Raben Group
  • Possibility of dedicated customer solutions based on the EuroHub System (flexibility of daily volumes - from a 1 pallet to 33)

  • Opportunity of transporting ADR shipments as standard 


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