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E-commerce solutions

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Comprehensive process management

Comprehensive approach

Management of returns processes and exchanges

Returns and exchanges of products

Storage of products ready for sale

Storage of products for sale

Consolidation and deconsolidation of goods

Completion and shipping


Integration with key courier companies

  • Comprehensive process management

    Comprehensive approach

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Raben e-Commerce is a comprehensive solution based on the conceptual, operational and executive support of online sellers.

Thanks to our facilities and resources, we can offer comprehensive logistics services for the online store: warehouse services, delivery of parcels and returns of products.

Every day we facilitate the work of an e-entrepreneur, we facilitate Your work.

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E-commerce service

We focus our activities on three areas:

1. Storage of products for sale via the internet and receipt of supplies to the warehouse using a storage system that supports and controls all warehouse activities and functions.

2. Preparation of shipments (i.e. picking, packaging, preparation of sending documents, printing and adding invoices to shipments) and shipment with current tracking of the delivery status of courier shipments, or handling of parcels on delivery.

3. Handling returns and exchanges of products:

  • comprehensive returns logistics,
  • system registration of return reasons,
  • supplying the warehouse with returned products,
  • individual service process agreed with the online store for returned and damaged products / shipments.
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Logistics of online stores

For many entrepreneurs, e-trade has already become not only an addition, but rather a basic form of sales.

A few years ago, hearing the e-commerce slogan, some players on the market, e.g., cosmetics or food products, responded with a smile. Today, everyone notices the need for online existence because this sales channel records the highest revenue year for a year.

E Commerce is a natural and currently developing sales channel. E-commerce services are also great potential for companies such as Raben. Companies that understand how can co-exist in symbiosis services such as so-called "big" logistics together with solutions dedicated to logistics of online stores.