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Technology industry


Modern infrastructure

Modern warehouse space

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Modern IT systems

Modern IT systems

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  • Modern infrastructure

    Modern warehouse space

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Raben for white goods

New tech supports our daily lives and create our reality

We all use them at home and at work. As logistics experts we understand that electronic devices and white goods should receive comprehensive logistics solutions that support not only support manufacturing, but also deliveries to shops and even to end consumers.

With all this in mind, we have prepared a dedicated service for technology manufacturers. Among else, we provide:

  • comprehensive, regional distribution solutions,
  • project deliveries for investments,
  • support in non-standard deliveries.

Our experience will help you complete all your projects.

Raben's warehouse

Tailored projects

We are a trusted partner that offer comprehensive services for all tech businesses. We design warehouse and distribution solutions that support regional specifics and particular requirements of investment projects. We create distribution maps to successfully complete just-in-time deliveries. All of this is combined into comprehensive solutions where the adequately selected warehouse and distribution network efficiently put your products on shop shelves.

Raben employees in action planting trees

Sustainable supply chain

Today, ecology is, increasingly often, a responsible effort. Not just by us, consumers, but also by us, businesses. As a logistics operator, we support our clients’ efforts by co-creating sustainable supply chains.  We take various steps to this end.

We regularly measure CO2, systematically replace older trucks with new ones that satisfy the latest greenhouse gases emission requirements and we have applied numerous pro-ecology solutions with regard to the use of natural resources in our warehouses. Finally, we neutralise our environmental impact by organising tree planting events. To learn more, read about CSR efforts at: csr.raben-group.com.