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Raben East
Logistyczna str., 25/27
05-825 Chlebnia k/Grodzisk Mazowiecki



Raben East
Pszczyńska str., 312
44-100 Gliwice


RABEN EAST - the youngest Polish company in Raben Group with great enthusiasm and temperament

Transports to the east have no secrets for us. We are happy to open up access to new markets to our existing and potential clients. If you are not one of them yet, we can make it up quickly.

With us, you can regularly ship both large and small batches. We specialize in the road transport of groupage, partial and full truck loads. We are faster than sea transport and cheaper than air or full truck loads.

Do you want to systematize deliveries to your contractors,
or are you just looking for markets in the East? 

It doesn't matter to us. Thanks to constant, regular groupage connections,
we can easily adapt to your requirements.

Building our unique connections, we thought about those who appreciate
efficient organization, are used to a high standard of services
and want to entrust formalities to a transport company.

Let us know what we can do for you today!


We offer:

  • constant, regular groupage connections,
  • predictable, predetermined delivery time,
  • the ability to track the shipment,
  • advice on the organization of transport and customs procedures
  • support from a team of professional forwarders & customs agents,
  • temporary storage warehouses in Poland,
  • close cooperation with the sender and recipient in the field of transport and customs clearance,
  • access to the groupage network covering the whole of Europe and to a wide range of warehouse services for the implementation of consolidation projects.



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