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Ethics code

We play fair

Check out our new Code of Ethics

In Raben Group we pay special attention to reliability and responsibility. In everyday business practice, we avoid ethically ambiguous situations and we act accordingly in all relationships at every stage of the value chain. In order to specify behaviors which are consistent with company signposts, we have formulated first ethical rules already over 5 years ago.

Now it is time to develop our approach in order to secure compliance of our business conduct with current market trends, standards and expectations of our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We want you all to feel secure at work and we believe we can achieve it by doing our job in the spirit of fair play!

Please get yourself familiar with below materials: animated movie and the new Code of Ethics.

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Reporting violations

If you have witnessed an illegal action, or one violating our Code of Ethics or if it seems to you that some situation should not happen? Use Whistleblowing platform. You can stay anonymous if you want.