Investments, innovations, initiatives - Raben Group sums up 2018

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Opening three new depots in Poland and one in the Czech Republic. Launching its own independent transport network in Germany, acquiring another company and opening new international connections, including to Italy. Add to this the 15th anniversary of operations in Ukraine and a new warehouse in Hungary. Additionally, investments in the fleet, development of employee competencies, environmental activities and numerous awards. This is how Raben Group can summarize 2018.


ETA - in Raben Group from January

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Time is worth its weight in gold in the logistics industry. That is why information about the time of delivery the shipment is priceless. Traffic jams, unforeseen events, and even force majeure - all these affect operational efficiency of both the logistics company and the customer. In the era of digitalization, there must be solutions at hand which allow for flexible operations depending on the changing situation in the logistics process. This is the reason why, at the beginning of January, Raben Group provided its customers with a tool for tracking shipments in real time.


#RabenExpress for Food Banks

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The third edition of the #RabenExpress campaign has just started. This time, Rafał Gębura from “7 meters underground” and Jakub Olejniczak, a driver of Raben Logistics Polska, went on a trip together. Objective: Help Food Banks save food from waste and show that “Transport is Necessary”, as the name of the Raben Group social campaign suggests.


Dances with palettes - 2018 finals

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The rivalry of the top 20 forklift operators from all over Poland. Two categories: a high-storage puzzle and a cross-dock obstacle course, as well as extraordinary demonstrations of skills, precision and safety in various disciplines. This is a brief summary of the grand finale of the “Dances with Pallets” contest which took place on December 10, 2018, in the largest logistics centre of Raben Group in Gądki.


Bronze Clip for #RabenExpress

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On December 7, during the ceremonious Gala at the Sofitel Hotel in Warsaw, the best PR and marketing projects of 2018 were honoured with the Clip awards. The #RabenExpress project received the Bronze Clip in the Corporate PR category. The contest is organized by the Association of Public Relations Companies.


The Most Competitive Company

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We are pleased to announce that on December 4th, during the 17th Gala of Logistics - Transport - Production, Raben Logistics Polska was awarded the title of Logistics Leader in the category "The Most Competitive Company".


Future according to Raben

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Autonomous trucks, drones delivering smaller shipments, a hyperloop rushing with dizzying speed, a fully automated warehouse. These are just some of today's images of tomorrow's logistics. In the latest film “Raben - the future of logistics” Raben Group presents its vision of the future for the TFL industry.


Time to transport ice cream

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Is there anything better than a moment of sweet cool refreshment on a hot day? Ice cream is associated with carefree childhood, birthdays, reward for a good school report or the first date. Researchers have even found that they lower the level of stress response. However, in order not to lose their magical properties, they must be properly stored and transported - this is the job for Fresh Logistics.


First place in the “Book of Lists”

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In September 2017, the new edition of the annual “Book of Lists, Warsaw Business Journal, the largest business ranking study in Poland, was released. Raben Group ranked first in the transport and logistics category.


Raben Group – 10 interesting facts from the Social Report

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Interest in non-financial reporting is growing. In 2015, 37 organizations submitted their social reports to the contest organized by the Forum for Responsible Business. 200 non-financial reports have entered this rivalry in the last 8 years. As of January 1, 2017, an Act regulating the existence of such documents will come into force in Poland.


Raben Group acquires Rhenus logistics location Fellbach

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Raben Group has acquired the forwarding location Fellbach near Stuttgart of the Rhenus Freight Logistics. The purchase agreement was signed on July 21st and is subject to approval by the antitrust authorities. Raben takes over Fellbach on 01.01.2017, which also includes the Rhenus Freight Logistics operations in Weilimdorf in the north-west of Stuttgart. The acquisition represents a step forward towards the growth strategy of Raben in Germany.


Raben Group acquires GS Frachtlogistik

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Raben Group is increasing the range of its transport and warehouse operations in Southern Germany. The contract for the acquisition of GS Frachtlogistik, which has been operating since 1991, was signed in July 2016 and a month later it was approved by anti-trust authorities. The company employing over 50 workers, located in Garching, reached the sales revenue of 12 million Euro in 2015.


Raben Group defies Brexit

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Great Britain is a major player in the world trade. According to the data by WTO for 2013, the United Kingdom was the 8th global exporter with the 2.9% share and the 6th importer with the 3.5% share (1). According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), in 2013 the total value of British global trade revenue was valued at approx. 717 billion pounds sterling.


Raben Group leads TFL ranking again

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Once again Raben Group had the first place in two categories: revenue from TFL 2015 and revenue from declared core business – logistics in the twentieth TFL ranking organized by Prof. Halina Brdulak and Gazeta Prawna Daily.


Raben Group makes another acquisition on the German market

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Raben Group is planning to take over Scheffler Spedition. The transaction is awaiting the final approval of antitrust authorities.


Raben Group in Romania

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Romania has the 49th place in the world in terms of GDP. It is the gateway to the Balkans, Turkey, Asia and North Africa. According to Polish statistical data, Polish-Romanian trade exchange in the period from January to March 2016 amounted to EUR 1,115.2m, which is a growth by 7.8% on the same period of the previous year. Within this period, Polish export to the Romanian market was valued at EUR 742.9m (a growth by 13.1%), whereas Polish import reached the amount of EUR 372.2m (a drop by 1.4%). (1)


New Raben cross-dock warehouse near Legnica - gateway to South-Western Europe

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At the beginning of the 3rd quarter of 2016 in Gniewomierz, a new warehouse of Raben Logistics Polska will be opened. The choice of location for the new investment was determined by the ideal position of Legnica in the centre of Lower Silesia, at the crossroads of main communication routes - the A4 motorway leading from Western Europe to Ukraine and the national road no.3 from the South of the continent to the Baltic and Scandinavia.


Raben Group is the Family Company of the Year!

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The global report Edelman Trust Barometer 2016, measuring the data from 28 countries gathered through questionnaires filled in by 33,000 respondents shows the power of family companies trusted by Europe by over 70% of the public. At the same time, trust in public sector companies has been declared by 40% of people.


25 years of Raben Group in Poland

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The TNS surveys corroborate that the Poles acknowledge that Polish companies are defined through authenticity, proximity and reliability. Such companies are also seen as those which greatly care for employees.[1] Family businesses usually have a long tradition and share responsibility for the good image of the company, whose operations are backed by the owner's name.


Two awards in one week for Raben Group

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Fitting the CSR strategy into business objectives of the company is the key indicator of the company's maturity. Only such behaviour is reliable and it brings long-term effects.


Raben Group's new partnership in Turkey

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Trade exchange between Poland and the 7th largest European economy in terms of GDP – Turkey is still growing. In 2011-2014 the turnover between the two countries increased ninefold, getting near the level of 6 billion euro.


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