CSR Mission, Vision

Please read about the values that guide us.


Care for the environment is our priority. We strive to ensure that our impact on the environment is positive. Find out how we want to do it.


In accordance with our CSR vision our sector we want to set trends which bring extra value to the environment.


Our development, growth and innovation translates into the quality of life. Working together with stakeholders we want to create new value for them.


Friendly and safe working environment is one of our CSR goals. All of us are entrepreneurs in our workplace.


The SHE Project (Safety, Health and Environment)

is a program of building a strong safety culture among our Employees and Subcontractors.

Quality Policy

From the very beginning

of our presence on the European market we have concentrated on the quality of the provided services.

Business Continuity Management

The maturity of processes encouraged us to implement comprehensive Business Continuity Management.

Risk Management

Observing great changeability of the environment we have implemented the comprehensive Risk Management System.

Information Security System

Raben Group sees information security as providing the adequate level of its confidentiality, accessibility and integrity.

CSR News

Communication is crucial in CSR. Find out more about our socially responsible activities.

Voluntary Service

The program benefits from knowledge and experince of our Employees that work for our neighbourhood.

Social Report

Please feel invited to take a look our Social Report.

CSR Awards

Sustainable development is the cornerstone of our business activity. We are happy to see that our activities were noticed and awarded.

Common road in Raben Group

From October to November 2015 Raben Group ran a project of dialogue sessions. Please see their results.

CSR Ambasadors

We propagate the idea of corporate social responsibility through CSR Ambassadors.

Social Engagement Strategy

In 2015 we drafted the social engagement strategy. It took into account the needs of stakeholders and the global CSR trends.


If you have witnessed a behaviour non-compliant with law or our ethical rules, please notify us here.


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