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Thank you for your interest in our offer. Below you will find some basic information which will help you to start
the cooperation.

Also please visit the Services tab where you can find all the necessary details.
The Contact page will help you find the appropriate branch which will prepare the cooperation proposal.


Frequently asked questions

How to contact the appropriate person who will give me information about the service which interests me?

Please enter the Contact tab and enter the zip code of your city/town in the search box. You will receive the contact details to the branch which services your region with the detailed list of telephone numbers to persons responsible for specific services.

What services are rendered by Raben Group?

Please read our offer in the Services tab. There you will also find the "quick contact" to particular sales offices and to persons who will answer your enquiries.

I don't know which service would be the most appropriate for me. Who should I contact?

Please select the Contact tab and the nearest Raben Group branch by entering the zip code of your town/city. The appropriate person from the Customer Service Department will suggest the best solution and will refer you to the appropriate specialist who will prepare the proposal of cooperation.

Where can I use Raben Group services?

Raben Group Business Units are located in 11 countries: in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Romania.  

My company operates in the sector not listed in the Sectors tab. Will Raben Group be interested in rendering logistics services for me?

The Sectors tab lists only the main sectors we provide services for whereas our Customers represent a much wider spectrum of the economy.

How can I track my shipment?

Visit the Customer Zone on the Home Page. Select the Trace Your Shipment  tile. After logging in, use the intuitive relevant shipment tracking options to display all required information. It is also possible to use the simplified form of displaying the shipment status without logging in by entering just the shipment number.


How can I obtain the login and password to the Track & Trace system?

In order to access the shipment tracking system in myRaben, fill in the registration form or contact the local Customer Service Department. The registration form is available in the Customer Zone on the Home Page after selecting the Trace Your shipment tile.


Where can I find the scans of documents?

In the shipment tracking system ( after logging in using your login and password. Information required to log in can be obtained by contacting the appropriate branch.



How can I insure my shipment?

For detailed information please contact the Customer Service Department.

Where can I find the definition of the basic logistics terms?

Visit the Dictionary tab.

How can I give my consent to receive e-invoices?

Visit the E-invoices tab in the Customer's Zone where you will be able to fill in the appropriate form.

How can I file a claim?

After clicking the Customer's Zone and selecting Raben Logistics Polska, you will find the Claims button with all the details concerning the claims procedure, as well as the online claim form.

Where can I check the fuel adjustment, currency adjustment and road surcharge?

Please visit the Main Page and click the Customer's Zone button. Then select the company you are a Customer of. After clicking on the appropriate name, you will have access to all required information.

What is the road surcharge?

The Road Surcharge is the additional payment for transport services on the roads which are covered by the obligatory electronic toll payments and on paid concession motorways.





What is the currency adjustment?

The Currency Adjustment is based on modifying the base price rates according the CAF factor expressed as a percentage (Currency Adjustment Factor). It allows for minimising the exchange rate differences between the Polish Zloty and the European currencies.

What is the fuel adjustment?

The Fuel Adjustment allows for flexible modification of rates based on average monthly prices of Diesel fuel. Thanks to the fuel adjustment it is possible to eliminate frequent changes of prices for services rendered by Raben Group.

I have started cooperation with Raben Group; where can I find necessary drivers to fully use your services?

The drivers are available in the Software tab in the Customer's Zone / Raben Logistics Polska.

How are the CO2 emissions calculated for my shipment and where can I check it?

CO2 emissions are calculated for each leg of the shipment transport. They also include CO2 emissions from the consumption of utilities in cross-dock warehouses. The data are available at the request of the Customer sent to the Customer Service Department.




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